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Takeaway works with heart-driven, service-based, digital brands to create meaningful physical products and experiences that make a difference.


Physical products for your
heart-centered brand

Sharing your wisdom and work through meaningful physical products will help your brand break through the noise, and help your community make real change in their lives.

I created Takeaway because I want to help coaches, teachers, and leaders expand their resonance and their reach in a meaningful way. This tangible way of sharing your knowledge with your community, through tools that enhance their results, can help grow everything you do.

I know you’ve had a hunch about this. Your intuition is telling you that the way digital-only brands and businesses communicate with their communities needs to evolve past the screen and into real life.

Your gut is right, and we’re here to help you make that shift.

With heartfelt excitement,

Angie Wheeler | Founder

Angie Wheeler | Founder


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Let us help bring
your product to life.

At Takeaway, we work with heart-driven coaches, leaders, and teachers of all kinds. Together, we develop meaningful physical products for businesses and communities, to enhance learning, resonance, and transformation.

We bring a blend of understanding and creativity, coupled with nearly a decade of practical expertise, to projects for brands of all sizes.



Support Areas

  • Physical product development

  • Physical product design

  • Production

  • Manufacturer sourcing

  • Product launch and marketing

  • Fulfillment setup

  • E-commerce setup


Product Categories

  • Planners of all kinds

  • Journals and workbooks

  • Physical product subscriptions

  • Card decks

  • Home goods

  • Self-care products

  • Print magazines

  • Brand tokens and objects

  • Original product ideas


Product Application Examples

  • Physical inclusions for digital programs

  • Physical products for membership programs

  • Direct mail campaigns

  • Marketing strategy for physical products

  • Sourcing and negotiating with manufacturers

  • Kickstarter campaigns for new physical products

  • Product development for new ideas or innovations

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Free Audio Training and workbook

Are physical products right for your brand?


If you have dreamt about adding physical products to your service-based digital brand but have some lingering questions, this free audio training and workbook are for you.

We’re here to show you that creating products does not have to feel daunting. It doesn't have to be complicated, or time-consuming, or hugely expensive, or turn your brand and your business model upside down.

You can create heart-driven physical products your way,
for your business and your
community: intentional, thoughtful, beautiful, and smart.

Open your maker’s heart.


the founder

Hi, I’m Angie Wheeler!

I know you want to stand out in a noisy digital world—not to everyone, but to those who need your help. And you want to make a real difference for your community. Physical products can help you do both.

I've been working with digital brands to create these kinds of physical products for years. You may know me best from my work with Danielle LaPorte, bringing to life her best-selling Desire Map Planner Collection and her Truthbomb Card Decks.

Over my career I’ve developed a wide range of physical products, including planners, journals, candles, aroma and self-care products, jewelry, card decks, and stationery, as well as creative innovations.

And now I’m here to help you navigate the sometimes tricky process of physical product development, so you can create beautiful products and brand tokens that inspire, expand, and enrich the ways your community can experience your teachings and your business.

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A guided program for heart-centered coaches, teachers, and leaders (and their teams) who are ready to add meaningful, supportive physical products and tools to grow their digital businesses.